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LANGOLIERS JEWELRY is pleased to announce the release of our new short film Red featuring music from singer-songwriter CHELSEA WOLFE.

Inspired by Carl Jung’s Red Book, Carl Sagan’s Dragons of Eden, Brothers Quay and Eastern European animation, Langoliers’ Red represents a return to the reptilian mind and retrieval of primal imagery. The jewelry emerges from molten rivers, pools of ferro fluid, and finally a magical automaton loom that weaves gold. The film explores the brand’s preoccupations with alchemy, divinatory systems, and the tensions between craft and technology.

Red marks Langolier’s departure from the fashion protocol by embracing visual storytelling in lieu of shows or presentations to best articulate brand’s rich identity. Designer Pamela Liou studied Film in Tisch School of the Arts and worked at Zeitgeist Films, premiere film distribution company for auteurs like Peter Greenaway, Jan Svankmejer, and Atom Egoyan.

Directed by Stephen Dirkes, and produced by Langoliers NYC in conjunction with Obscure Object Film and Said Projects. 

We wanted to create a work that goes beyond the typical promotional film and creates something that stands alone in the tradition of Eastern European stop motion animation. I hope you like it! We’re especially lucky to have Chelsea Wolfe’s track score the film. Courtesy of Pendu Sound Recordings